Does the beer label really matter ?

Or more accurately perhaps: “Do we have the right, as a consumer, to expect a certain flavor profile based on what the brewery decides to put on the packaging?”

Since the beer industry labeling, besides some federal rules about alcohol consumption, is very ambiguous and ungoverned in this matter, I did a little poll to see how much consumers really base their expectation on what is on the label. Read More …

Why I don’t like the term “Craft” beer

This is a bit of a re-post of an older article I had written back in 2015. Back then it was in response to the many mergers and acquisitions that, all of a sudden, seemed to pop up in the beer world. I revisited my stance from back then, and I have to admit, very little has changed.

Personally, I don’t think it ever has and I’ve never liked the term for two main reasons

Read More …